Chris Palmer

Piranha Training

Coach Chris Palmer started coaching individuals and teams in motivation and mindset in 1994. A former 2-time All-American runner and NIKE-sponsored athlete, he took his M.A. in psychology and his love for hockey and sport, consulted with successful hockey coaches & former professional, AHL, and NHL athletes to create a hockey compete mindset training program that dramatically changes athlete, coach, and team performance, on and off the ice.

Piranha Training’s advisory board exists to ensure that everything we do is based on the real-life experiences and perspectives of professional hockey players and successful coaches and trainers in the sport.

Great ideas are born from collaboration, mixing the best ideas of sports psychology, and coaching with the real-life needs, experiences, and perspectives of those who have played and coached the game at the highest levels.

Chris is part of the QHA Family Advisor Program acting as a Mental Performance Coach.