Experienced goalie joins the agency

“Most experienced player so far”

The agency happily announces our newest signing, Ville Kolppanen. The 30-year-old native Finn, is a goalkeeper reaching 6’1” and weighs 192 lbs. Currently, he is signed on a short-term contract with Lausitzer Füchse in the DEL2, until the end of the year. Ville is so far the most experienced player to join the agency, having i.e. played 66 games in the KHL, 30 games in the SHL and 99 games in Liiga.

“I’m not a normal goalie”

The decision of joining QHA came after extensive discussions with Robin and he believes the agency can help with the rest of his career. “I felt that it was about pure honesty. It is important to fully trust the agent and the trust must go both ways. That is the most important thing”, Ville says.

Ville thinks his greatest strength is that he has great experience from all different kinds of situations. He has mentally been in very tough places and battled through them. As a goalie, he mixes old school and the newer style of technique.
“I’m getting into my best age and playing my best game. I always try to win wherever I go. I want to improve as a hockey player and also as person”, Ville adds.

Off ice, Ville describes himself as an open-minded person, that is easy going and trying to enjoy the life outside of hockey. He loves spending time at his summer place, likes to go fishing and plays a bit of padel.

“I’m not a ‘normal goalie’. I don’t do what the other goalies do. Most of them, they really like their equipment and they have all these routines. The daily stuff. I like to break the routines. I don’t want to think too much, I just want to go and play”, Ville finishes.

We welcome Ville to the agency and we are looking forward to our cooperation.



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