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“Impressive start to the season”

The hockey season has started and all of Quantum clients are already doing wonders around the world. The biggest highlight so far comes from the Defenceman, Caleb Eefting, who so far has an impressive record of 6 points in 9 games in the Swedish third league, Hockeyettan.

Another highlight to bring up would be the 26-year old finnish defenceman, Jerry Laakso, who has recorded an impressive 9 points in 12 games in Ligue Magnus, the top league in France!

As announced earlier, Quantum Hockey Agency has a very good relationship with the Swedish Division 2 team, Lindefallets SK. Caleb Eefting who played in Lindefallet last season and Akseli Rouhiainen who plays for Lindefallets SK this season are clients of Quantum. Now, Quantum has decided to sign yet another player from the same organization.

Damien Kulynych, a 5´11″, 200-pound power forward out of Regina, SK, CAN, is the next exciting name to join Quantum Hockey Agency. Damien, who has played for leagues like the AJHL, MJHL, NCAA III and ACAC, is now into his second season with Lindefallets SK in the Swedish Division 2.

“I think I had a good first season in Sweden, considering being used to a different game style and a smaller ice. I believe I can build on last year and have a better year,” Damien says and continues, ” I’m hoping to improve as a player and get to the next level this season”.

“Signing with Quantum Hockey Agency was an easy decision. When I first met Robin Mattebo, he took the time to get to know me as a person and a player. He made it clear that he believes in me and I feel confident I can get the best opportunities with him and the agency.”

– Damien Kulynych (Forward, Lindefallets SK, Swe Div 2)

Quantum Hockey Agency is excited for yet another Lindefallets SK player to join them since the signing of both Caleb Eefting & Akseli Rouhiainen have been great to work with.

“We truly believe Lindefallets SK do things the right way, which can be seen in the amount of players they develop, like Caleb for an example”, says the owner of Quantum Hockey Agency, Joachim Hanberg. He continues by saying “Damien is of great character both on and off the ice and we look forward to work more closely with him and continue to grow together.”

– Joachim Hanberg (Owner of Quantum Hockey Agency)

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