Sören Strandberg


Since Sören started working with QHA in 2019, he has placed 50+ players both in Europe and North America. Sören primarily works in the Swedish minor leagues, Div 2 & Div 3.

He started with sports at an early age (hockey, track & field, and other sports) and has been involved in senior and junior sports as a player and as a coach. He’s previously worked for several years in sports retail sales, the banking industry, and as a sports coach. With his enthusiasm, background, and skills, he gives players and parents advice and the right tools to become not only a better player but also to develop as a person. You can trust and depend on him and his commitment to the players, and he is an asset to players who seek to develop into pro players.

Sören received the QHA Most Valuable Agent Award for his exceptional work in 2021.

Players Represented as a Player Advisor

Mano Bo Kohler


Leo Böris



Alex Poyer


Vadim Vasjonkin